Planning a Group Vacation

For most groups and families choosing and planning a vacation destination is a nightmare. Every person in the group wants to travel to a different location and opinions are strong while emotions run high. There are however a few things that can make the decision easier and less stressful for everyone.

First and foremost the group should set a travel budget. Obviously you cannot take a vacation to Paris for a month if your travel budget is £4000. Now that this has been done a destination and time span can be decided upon (with parents having veto power in the family unit of course).


If the travel budget is low and the decided upon destination is a long distance to travel then a shorter stay will will most likely be required. However if the group is willing to travel to a closer destination they can have a longer vacation.

Finally after deciding on a destination city and duration of stay the group can start pricing their vacation. Always begin by searching travel sites on the internet as often times web discounts are available as well as receiving advance booking and bundle discounts (flight+hotel+rental car etc.).

After finding the best available pricing for your vacation and travel arrangements the group must make sure to keep all travel information, telephone numbers, confirmation numbers and tourist information in a safe place for easy reference. While choosing a destination and planning a group vacation can be troublesome and stressful it can also be very rewarding if done properly.

If an agreeable destination is decided upon by the group and the most cost effective bookings are made by one designated individual the vacation and travel is sure to be a success for everyone involved.