Cheap and cheerful

Holidays are a summer right. In my opinion, nobody should go without a summer jaunt to somewhere hot and sunny; after all, think of the health benefits of that vitamin B!

Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees, and if it did, I’d be growing a forest, but luckily there are cost cutting measures we can use to make sure we all get a week or two in the sun.

Destination choice is the key, and then a little clever internet searching for the best deals. Whilst travel agents stores are there for those that aren’t so experienced in arranging travel plans, with the safety net of someone elses expert advice, its unsurprising that the best deals are out there on the internet. Last year I found a great last minute deal that saved me lots of money!

Once you’ve found your deal, turn your attention to extras to cut down on costs whilst getting there and when you’re there. Airport parking is one of those added extras that really does save where you never thought it possible, and cuts down on the stress of airport travel to boot. Last month I pre-booked Birmingham Airport parking, and my journey from home to the terminal was much more leisurely as a result. It also cut out the need to book an airport taxi, which can be expensive, not to mention the cost of train fares these days. The convenience of having complete control over my travel plans is a perk I don’t want to give up any time soon.

Of course once you’re at the airport, the expense can start if you hit duty free without a care, or choose to drink your wait away. How to combat this? Simply abstain! Budgeting is the way forward, and whilst it might sound depressing to be watching the pennies, it means you’ll have more to spend when you get there, and enjoying your sunshine break really should be at the top of your priority list, not several vodkas in the airport. Besides, nobody said you couldn’t have one or two. 🙂

Once you arrive in resort, the key is to not let the holiday mood take over completely, budget yourself, within reason, and enjoy your time. Finding a bargain break should be celebrated, and you can do that without breaking the bank. I go to Turkey a lot and I find a good way to cut eating out costs, whilst having a really good night out, is to eat at traditional restaurants, which are often a little set back from the main beach or tourist roads. This is where the locals eat, so those slightly inflated tourist prices are left behind and you can fill your boots at a lower cost!