Active Travelling in the UK

Travelling inspires and attracts all kinds of people. There are some travellers who find enjoyment in travelling to far off places to go to museums and exhibitions. There are some travellers who only travel to places where there is a beach and sunshine and they spend their time lying in the sun drinking cocktails. There are other travellers who travel just so that they can shop and buy pretty things.

For all of these travellers being able to travel, whether it is for a beach or a museum or a shop, is about getting away for a holiday of leisure and experience. But then there is a whole other group of travellers – those who travel for sport.

Trekking in the UK
This group of adventurous travellers, who travel not to walk around museums or lie on beaches but to run along the beach or climb a mountain, look for something else on a holiday. This group of sporty travellers will be enticed not by a sale at a shoe shop but by the possibility of summiting a mountain or Trekking in the UK.

While this kind of holiday travel may be significantly more active than the usual it is certainly something to consider. There are wonderful walking tours across Europe.

With us all becoming more concerned with our health, perhaps a holiday lying about and eating pasta isn’t the best thing. Rather do a lot of walking through the countryside and then eat your plate of pasta guilt free.